Meet the mappers

Axis Maps was formed in 2006 by 3 graduate students finishing their advanced degrees in Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We are now a team of 4, working remotely in the US and UK.

David Heyman

As Managing Director of Axis Maps, Dave looks after clients, their projects and the Axis Maps team.

  • Client relations
  • On-deck developer
  • Data organizer

Ben Sheesley

Ben is Axis Map's Lead Designer, bringing his thoughtful designs to all of our projects.

  • Map & UI designer
  • Shipping magnate
  • Stickler for details

Andy Woodruff

Andy connects Axis Maps to the larger cartographic world through his work as Lead Developer, conference presentations and Bostonography blog.

  • Head coder
  • Cartographic stalwart
  • Academic ambassador

Josh Ryan

The newest member of Axis Maps, Josh is consistently pushing us forward in our approaches to developing our maps.

  • Full stack coder
  • Bug squasher
  • Asian cartography aficionado