Now hiring: Web Map Developer (Full Time)


At Axis Maps, our aim is to bring the traditions of cartography to the web. We design and build custom interactive web maps for a wide range of clients, focusing on clear design founded on good cartographic principles. Whether it’s a public health map, a tourist map, a live election map, an interactive museum exhibit, or an animated historical map, we strive to build the design best suited to our clients’ data and audiences.


We are seeking a full-time web map developer to help bring our designs to life. As a developer, you will largely be responsible for writing code that powers our maps, but your cartographic and interactive design skills will also help us make the best maps possible.

We’re looking for these qualities:

  • Skill and comfort with front-end web technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) and development processes. At a minimum you’ll need to be comfortable building and working with interactive web pages, familiar with tools and processes for organizing and building projects, and resourceful enough to find solutions when you’re stuck.
  • Experience with JS libraries commonly used for web mapping, such as Leaflet and D3. We don’t use the same platform for every project, but we do frequently use libaries such as Leaflet and D3, so experience with those and/or other mapping libraries is a big plus.
  • Familiarity with the basics of geographic data, databases, and GIS. There’s no escaping some data processing work for any project, so you should understand what geographic data looks like and how GIS and database operations might help get data into the right format.
  • A good eye for design and an understanding of cartographic principles. We pride ourselves on good cartographic and interactive design, and while design won’t be the main focus of your job, your design sense and cartographic knowledge will be a valuable contribution.
  • Ability to work remotely. Axis Maps is small team that is 100% remote, so the ability to communicate effectively online, keep projects organized, and put in a full day’s work outside an office setting is a must.
  • Willingness to learn. Web cartography is a quickly evolving field, so a willingness to keep pace with changing technology, and to fill in gaps in your knowledge when needed, is important.


Anywhere, but UK, Western Europe, and central or eastern US are preferred.


Now! Please apply by Friday, 15 September 2017.


Please email Andy Woodruff at and include:

  • A link to a portfolio of your work. (Important! We cannot consider applications without examples of your work.)
  • A brief summary of your background, relevant experience, and interest in this kind of work.
  • Anything else you want to share about your motivations and inspirations related to interactive cartography.