New typographic maps of Washington DC and New York

DC and NYC typographic maps

Earlier this month we launched our new store with two new typographic maps we had been working on since last autumn: Washington, DC and New York City (Manhattan). These 24×36 inch posters, along with the existing line of cities, are now done in super sharp detail as offset prints, and all are now found at the new store.

In addition to the new cities, we also released limited edition letterpress prints of San Francisco, which managed to sell out almost immediately. We’re now looking into future letterpress editions of this and other cities.

So if you haven’t checked it out yet, have a look at our typographic maps store and all five cities for sale:

As always, thanks to everyone for all the encouragement and support we’ve received for this project!

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  1. If you like, you can suggest a city at the bottom of the store’s contact page:

    We’re interested to hear what other cities people would like to see when it comes time to think about making another map, so we’re collecting a list through that page to help sway us in some particular direction.

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