San Francisco Typographic Map

HOORAY! The San Francisco typographic map is finally finished and is ready for purchase today. I made a big push to get this map ready for the holidays (with some help from Andy and Ben) and we’re really happy with the way this turned out. More images.

I went a bit overboard and decided to map the *entire* city; The amount of fine detail in this map is pretty astonishing. To fit the entire city onto a poster, of course, means the type itself has to be much smaller to fit it all in. In fact, the street text is half the size of the Chicago map (6 pt surface streets versus 12 pt) so there’s lots of detail for your eyes to enjoy.

GO BIG: Given the crazy density of streets I strongly recommend you get one in poster size (23×34 or up) so you can best see all of the parks, water features, and twisty streets the city is famous for.

WHAT’S THIS ABOUT LETTERPRESS?! Great news, we’ll be offering limited edition, gorgeous letterpress prints on rich cotton paper in the first half of 2011. While we love Zazzle (their prints rock), many of you asked (and begged!) for us to do these as hand-made, limited edition art prints and we thought that was a great idea. Want to be the first to know when they go on sale? Go here.

WHAT’S NEXT? We have New York City (Andy) and Washington DC (Ben) coming up shortly. They look sweet.

32 thoughts on “San Francisco Typographic Map”

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  2. PRETTY PLEASE will you make a Paris typographic map? I’ll be your best friend! I’ll make you cookies! I’ll build a snowman in your likeness!

  3. This map is beautiful. It’s unfortunate that even in the 22×15″ size I purchased it is very difficult to read the regular street type. I don’t use reading glasses, but even in good light I can barely do it. You might warn people that the 16×11″ size will be illegible at the street level. Preserving the user experience and all that.

  4. Hi Walt – thanks for the praise and I 100% agree that the type is really small. Annoyingly, Zazzle do not let us sell *only* 23″x34″ posters, which would be ideal, hence my “Go Big” warning above. Nonetheless, we’ll flag this issue more explicitly on the Zazzle page itself so folks know, for the San Fancisco map, bigger is better (Chicago and Boston are ok at the smaller sizes, they have a less ambitious map scale). Thanks.

  5. Oh man, it’s beautiful, and I was using the zazzle site to double the size of even the “go big” option…. and then I noticed Treasure Island’s not on there, and I had a sad. :( I live on Treasure Island, and that’d be the first thing visitors notice and ask me about were I to hang this (still beautiful) art on the biggest wall in my house.

  6. It’s great that you’re doing more of these. I (and several of my friends) will be first in line to buy, if you ever do one of Seattle!

  7. Aw, you Americans always get all the cool stuff. How about showing us Northern folk some love and doing a map for Vancouver?

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